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Strategic company development (Small Mediumsized Enterprises) in the microtechnology area

Increasing complexity and requirements of organizations, marketing and sales overstrain many entrepreneurs. A positive development can be enabled by using the right system and knowledge. The correct system and useful established processes can solve about 90% of the issues in your organization. Hereby the right realization can  be very simple.

Salcon is supporting your efforts. The aim is to generate the base to grow sales sustainable by using  sales and marketing and increase customer satisfaction through service activities.
Once these goals are achieved, the entrepreneur can enhance the organization, not work in it and therefore ensure the future success.


2020 an interessting and challenging year

17. Oct. 2020

The year 2020 actually began quite normal, but then came Corona.

The situation became extremely difficult and complicated for many companies. The gastronomy, small retailers, the trade fair business, the hotel industry, etc. all found themselves in the middle of an economically hopeless situation from now on.

What do we do now?

After the first wave had actually died down quickly, hope began to spread again. In general, the numbers have risen again for many.

Thanks to a lot of commitment, new hygiene concepts were developed and implemented and suddenly, face-to-face meetings were possible again.

...and now the second wave hits us.

I think it is important in these days to concentrate on what you like to do and what you are good at.

Corona has encouraged many people to rethink, develop new products and think about themselves.

We should keep this in mind and look positively into the future and the new normality that comes with it.

Like the title of the new book by Anja Försters and Peter Kreuz "Verschwende keine Krise" (Don't Waste a Crisis)" - tackle it. By the way, the book is very worth reading.

Together with some customers I could already start to go this way and we see first successes.

If I can help you or if you are interested in discussing possibilities with a sparring partner, just get in touch with me.

Until then, stay healthy and innovative in your thinking.

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Salcon is analyzing the actual state of your organization as well as potential markets for the regional and global sales of your products.

  • Identification of actual state
  • Analyze potential
  • Market analysis regional/global
  • Target group analysis

  • Marketing analysis


Salcon develops strategies and verifies the acceptance of your products in the relevant markets ahead of their introduction

  • Growth strategy
  • Sales strategy
  • Acceptance verification
  • Technology consulting

  • Marketing strategy


Salcon is supporting you and your employees actively to implement the sales strategy in productive operation.

  • Productive operation
  • Sales channels
  • Service structure
  • Success monitoring and correction

  • Marketing activities
    analog / digital

Identification of the actual state

A medium-sized company has already been successful in various regional markets and has built up a solid base here.

Growth is saturated and the company is now looking for new growth opportunities. To this end, new markets have to be found in so far untapped countries. The company is inexperienced in other countries and does not yet have a reliable partner.

Salcon first analyzes the initial situation of your company in order to plan the appropriate procedure individually. We identify the potential for the sales of your products in the respective markets and classify them in particularly attractive and less attractive countries.



After identifying the countries in which sales and service is to be built, the best sales strategy is developed and the necessary measures worked out for each country.

Depending on the size of the potential markets, the acceptance of the products before the market introduction is tested with suitable customers. This reduces the risk that products will not meet market requirements.


In order to establish operative sales and service, your employees and we carry out sales activities together.

As soon as operational services are fully established, Salcon's initial consulting job can end. Salcon also offers the option to adjust distribution to the market changes on a regular basis.


Case studies
Success through focus

Implementation of a
new organization in Austria

Development of a company strategy with implementation. The field of activity is automation in microelectronics. A number of acquired companies should be integrated into a new company network and a worldwide sales and service structure should be established and implemented.

One year after founding, direct offices were established in the USA and Singapore, and distributors were found in Europe and Asia. The global network was established.

Establishment of a
new marketing strategy

A holistic marketing concept is to be developed to market 10 new products. The concept will include the complete marketing mix and shall be introduced during a leading trade fair.

Successful integration of the entire marketing mix internally and externally. Win of the IVAM Marketing Prize for a holistic marketing concept.

Building of a direct sales
force in micro technology

A trade company in microtechnology has established a webshop to deliver complete customer solutions from a single source. As a complex purchasing process is involved, a project sales organization was set up, which advises customers through an expert network and implements the developed solutions together with partner organizations.

Profit increase in the first three years to a higher 5-digit amount.


I am the most wanted sparring partner for small and medium-sized technology companies to increase your success faster, easier and safer.
Success = Growth = Profit



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