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2020 an interessting and challenging year

17. Oct. 2020

The year 2020 actually began quite normal, but then came Corona.

The situation became extremely difficult and complicated for many companies. The gastronomy, small retailers, the trade fair business, the hotel industry, etc. all found themselves in the middle of an economically hopeless situation from now on.

What do we do now?

After the first wave had actually died down quickly, hope began to spread again. In general, the numbers have risen again for many.

Thanks to a lot of commitment, new hygiene concepts were developed and implemented and suddenly, face-to-face meetings were possible again.

...and now the second wave hits us.

I think it is important in these days to concentrate on what you like to do and what you are good at.

Corona has encouraged many people to rethink, develop new products and think about themselves.

We should keep this in mind and look positively into the future and the new normality that comes with it.

Like the title of the new book by Anja Försters and Peter Kreuz "Verschwende keine Krise" (Don't Waste a Crisis)" - tackle it. By the way, the book is very worth reading.

Together with some customers I could already start to go this way and we see first successes.

If I can help you or if you are interested in discussing possibilities with a sparring partner, just get in touch with me.

Until then, stay healthy and innovative in your thinking.

Q1 2017 - Targeted to IDS Cologne

23. Dec. 2017

With one of my clients the ETG, we had various discussions about the future strategy. We found out, that one of the core competencies is the development in the area of dental implants. Using all knowledge here is leading to a faster time to market for customers that want to launch their own dental implant.

How does that fit the ETG? Basically not at all. Therefore we generated the brand "denstec". 

How do we approach such a new market? Well naturally on the leading trade fair, the IDS in Cologne. Very quickly we developed a "gigantic" dental implant (ball pen), which should act as a reminder for the information given to all potential customers.

We are anxious to see the results and will keep you updated on the various social media channels.

Q4 2016 - Salcon increases cooperation with Tactotek

12. Nov. 2016

The company TactoTek in Finland is the partner for IMSE (inmold structural electronics), meaning electronics integrated into plastics. This topic is currently being asked very much in the automotive industry and provides new opportunities for the automotive designers, which thereby are given freedoms that have not existed so far. Both lighting elements in interior design as well as capacitive switches in central consoles, doors or cockpits can now be effectively placed. This saves costs and increases flexibility. Salcon has been working with Tactotek as a partner since 2015 and is acting as a link between the OEMs or Tier 1's and Tacotek.

As the issue is growing and the number of customers is increasing rapidly, Salcon has expanded its collaboration with TactoTek.

Further information: TactoTek IMSE 2016 Intro.pdf

Q3 2016 - Salcon at Compamed / Medica 2016 in Düsseldorf

05. Aug. 2016

The COMPAMED HIGH-TECH Forum provides insights into the research and development of the exhibited processes and products, explains the technology trends and provides information on the relevant foreign markets for medical technology. This year, a German-Japanese session will be held. The market approval of medical devices in Germany and Japan, will be explained and export issues discussed. One focus of the Forum is on the question of how the presented technologies are already used in medical technology and where future potentials are shown, eg with regard to Point-of- Care diagnostics or the "Internet of Things" as well as in the field of mobile health, for example through smart implants or textiles. Other topics at the Forum include laser and photonics, printed electronics and innovative high-precision manufacturing processes.
In the context of the German-Japanese session, Markus Thamm will report on how sales structures in medical technology are working and the importance of sales today. Marketing plays an increasingly important role here and the interaction will be decisive.

Further information: Vertriebsstrukturen der Medizintechnik.pdf

Q2 2016 - AMC - a burning issue in cleanroom technology

11. Apr. 2016

Salcon International as a cooperation partner of has been working on the topic of cleanroom technology for some time. Particle contamination is a subject that is repeatedly discussed. However, according to Salcon International, the topic of particles is completely understood and there are many companies that can offer and solve problems in this regard.

Since components in microtechnology are becoming increasingly smaller and more sensitive, molecular contaminations are suddenly playing a role. These so-called AMC's (airborne molecular contamination) represent the challenges of cleanroom technology for the very near future. This is already a big issue for many manufacturers of microtechnology. If these AMCs are deposited on surfaces and thus lead to reactions, a component can be damaged quickly or the function of a product can no longer be guaranteed. The company has put this theme on its agenda and is working with some suppliers who already offer partial solutions for this complex problem. Workshops are also being organized in cooperation with the Reinraumakademie in Leipzig and the cleanzone in Frankfurt, which will allow further insights into the very complex subject and call for cooperation.

Further information: Reinraum Online, Cleanzone AMC-Workshop

Q1 2016 - Markus Thamm takes leadership in the IVAM marketing group

08. Feb. 2016

The IVAM Fachverband für Mikrotechnik is an international network with members from the fields of microtechnology, nanotechnology, new materials, MEMS and photonics. IVAM supports small and medium-sized enterprises in particular by launching innovative technologies and products, thereby securing the benefits of international competition.

Small and medium-sized enterprises need support and strategies to be successful in the market. The main problem is often limited resources. SMEs, when it comes to marketing, are therefore faced with other problems than, for example, Corporations or other "big players". In order to discuss solutions, this specialist group will regularly meet and network via social-web platforms.Markus Thamm from Salcon International took over the management of the marketing group at the beginning of 2016.

Further information:

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